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If you are thinking about bringing you family to Cyprus one of the main things to consider is the education of your children. Knowing your children will be happy and well educated is extra important. Although most Cypriote children will go to a state school it’s fairly safe to say that the majority of expatriated children will end up in one of the many excellent private educational establishments in Cyprus.

For young children there are many private Kindergartens in Cyprus, looking after children from as young as 1 year up to the 6 years (which is the official age for children to primary school). Private kindergartens offer flexible schedules for a competitive price. Most are open from 7 a.m. till after 5:30 p.m. Prices vary from place to place between 190 - 300 euros per month, for full time care as well as food. The standard of care is usually very good in Cypriot private kindergartens. All of them have to be licensed and are subject to regular government checks.

State run kindergartens are free and except children for under 3 years of age. They follow the Cypriot school times and close around 2 p.m. Compulsory pre-school education starts at the age of 4 y.o.

For children of 6 years or older the choices are split between Cypriot state school and private educational establishments. All lessons in Cypriot schools are taught in Greek, where as private schools will teach in English or Russian. Schools following the UK and Russian Education system and teaching in the English and Russian language are available in all the major Cypriot towns. Education after 6 years of age is compulsory in Cyprus and free in state run schools. Fees for private schools in Cyprus are around 4000-8000 euro per year depending on the establishment and the age of the child.

As almost all of our properties are for sale in the Paphos region we have given the details below of the 3 main Private schools teaching the IGCSE and the Russian School of Paphos.

The Learning Center Peyia
This establishment is accepting children all the way from kindergarten to A – Level and run by an ex inspector of schools from England and his wife. All the teachers are first language English staff. Due to high demand for places this school plans to move to larger premises in the St George area of Peyia. The school also has its transport as well as an afternoon club. The school is characterized by small class sizes with areas of special interest being technology and sport. The Learning Center will start teaching Russian to IGSE standard this year (2012).

The American Academy Paphos
This is a large school on the airport side of Paphos, offering education from Pre School to A level. School resides in the new premises on the outskirts of Paphos from 2010 with large sports ground and well equipped classes. Mixed nationality English and Greek speaking teachers. Classes vary in size from 15-20 students per class. Runs a school bus and offers after school clubs.

International School Of Paphos
This school resides in a large impressive building with numerous facilities including well equipped sports grounds and an indoor swimming pool. The school provides education from early years to A – Level. Class sizes of around 25 students. The ISP is located in central Paphos with good transport links to Tala and Kamares. Does not run a school bus.

Russian School of Paphos
This is a small school in the heart of Pano Paphos teaching in Russian language while the educational program corresponds with the Russian system. The school is operated by a Bulgarian family. By the end of the secondary education the exams are held by the board of Russian Embassy School and students are issued with the Certificates of Secondary Education of Russian Federation.

There are seven Universities in Cyprus, while 5 are based in Nicosia and 2 of those 5 have satellite branches in Limassol and Larnaca (see the list below). Paphos is home to the newest university in Cyprus - Neapolis University which has opened its doors in 2010.

Fees and courses for the Universities bellow vary from establishment to establishment and more details can be found on their respective websites.

University of Cyprus Nicosia (

Cyprus University of Technology Limassol (

Open University of Cyprus Nicosia (

Frederick University Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca (

University of Nicosia Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca (

European University of Cyprus Nicosia (

Neapolis University (new 2010) Paphos (


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