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Cyprus Property News

We are moving to Kamares, Paphos, Cyprus.

Date: 15/07/20

Kamares is a jewel in the crown of Leptos Estates, an exclusive hillside enclave of Tala Village.

What has it got going for it? 

A whole lot to be fair. In short, it’s known as the Beverly Hills of Paphos. This is one of the few areas in Paphos where you will find a harmonious universal architectural design strategy over nearly 1000 separate villas. Stone, wood and arches on large plots with almost every property enjoying amazing sea views is the order of the day in Kamares. Despite being part of both Tala and Koili Municipalities those who reside in Kamares are always from “KAMARES”. The average elevation of Kamares around 350 meters means it’s well above the humidity level and benefits unique climate with dry and cool air. Facilities of Kamares include the Kamares club house with a restaurant, a bar, a large pool with an open-air café, a nearby medical center and two tennis courts. Several members of the developer’s family call Kamares home and if it’s good enough for them … It’s important to remember that Kamares is NOT a club project. All the properties have separate title deeds and are independently privately owned. The only connection with Leptos Estates is that that they were once the builder.

The case against, limitations?

The path less travelled is generally less travelled, because it costs more; it’s not cheap round here. Exclusivity keeps prices high. Temporary access problems (see below) have caused some disruption.

Well connected?

Normally “yes”. There is a choice of good fast connecting roads to the airport via the St.Neophytos Monastery, central Paphos via Emba and Coral bay via a handy road through Kissonerga. Unfortunately, road access via Tala has been disturbed due to the demolition of a “Top Properties” building. The good news is that the rather annoying diversion though Tala village will soon come to an end as the new section of road is due to open soon. There is regular public transport from Tala. However, in this area you are better off with a car.


Schools and Healthcare?

Proximity to Paphos means most of the large hospitals are no more than 20 minutes away. The Iasis Emergency Medical Center next to Kamares Club is great for a quick consultation. There is a pharmacist in Tala also and that’s less than 2 km from the Kamares Club. All three private British curriculum schools are within easy commuting distance and are serviced by a private school bus service to Tala. The International School of Paphos is 5 km from Kamares Club, Aspire - 7 km and TLC Peyia – 9 km.



To call the little “kiosk” within the Kamares Club a shop would be stretching the definition of the word a little far, but it does provide some basic items. Thankfully Visteria cava and minimarket in Tala (2 km from Kamares Clubhouse) is a proper shop where you can find almost everything albeit not at the cheapest prices. Another essential service is provided 24/7 by Papantoniou bakery and takeaway in Tremithousa just over 3km away. For large shops take your pick from any of the main supermarkets with Lidl in Pano Paphos being the closest at only 6 km away.


Where to eat or hang out?

The Kamares Club’s restaurant and bar are on your door step, so you should try them out. The "Cliff Pub" is an interesting meeting place on a cliff… If you look for a traditional British pub check it out. Also note that Cliff Pub could be only a short walk from your Kamares home. However, it is Tala Square where lots of Tala and Kamares folk like to hangout and here’s why. There is a wide choice of places to sit down and enjoy a coffee, beer or meal. Highly ranked are Melitzia Taverna and Martika’s Kitchen. Casa Luna at the bottom of Lofos hill is one for the fans of Italian cuisine. Stephanie Tavern serving homemade Cypriot meals is just 100 meters further down. If you want to see some stunning views in a spectacular setting, then Amphitheatre Cafe Bar at the top of Lofos offers a varied menu of snacks. This cafe is adjacent to the Amphitheatre which hosts concerts during the summer months. On the way back pop in to the traditional café To Kafestiatorio by the Agios Neophytos Monastery and see the amazing work done by volunteers at the Agios Neophytos Cat Park nearby.


Notable areas / projects?

Kamares is spread over three hillsides with different phases having distinctive names. Zelemenos, Karmi 1, 2, 3, Laoni, Ambelia, Rododafni 1, 2, 3 are all notable areas. Plots within walking distance of the club on flat plots with no electricity cables and views to the south west tend to be the most desirable.


What are prices like?

When the villa is new from the developer, expect some eye watering prices… Fortunately on the open market of resales you will find prices from €250,000 for a 2 bedroom house of around 100 sq.m. covered to €400,000 for a 3 bedroom villa with good views and covered area of around 150 sq.m. Prices of 1 million plus are not unheard of in Kamares. When at this level expect 300 sq.m. plus of covered area and a double plot of around 2000 sq.m.  

What’s available today?

We had 2 properties until recently when one was sold leaving this quite excellent 3 bedroom Villa Karmi in Kamares with an amazing drive for €265,000. It’s located on a peaceful street and benefits its own pool and the required central heating.

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