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Your post BREXIT future is safe in Cyprus.

Date: 20/11/19

While uncertainty surrounds the UK’s BREXIT plans Cyprus guarantees the rights of UK nationals.

With the 3rd general election in 4 years due next month UK nationals are increasingly wary of their future. In the midst of this changeable political climate, Cyprus has become the island of stability for British residents.


Back in July 2019, the Cyprus parliament unanimously passed legislation ensuring the right of UK nationals and their families living in the Republic of Cyprus to reside freely in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Should the UK leave EU without a deal this law guarantees the right of UK nationals to remain in the Republic of Cyprus. Thanks to lawmakers in Cyprus the tens of thousands of UK citizens who now call Cyprus home finally have some clarity.


Over and above the general safety net, on Friday the 08 November the CY parliament passed two regulations guaranteeing the right of UK nationals for GMI and employee rights. The latest changes ensure the right of UK nationals to receiving the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) and employee’s rights under the Free Movement of Employees Act. Thus, UK nationals will enjoy the same rights as EU nationals after the BREXIT, if and when it happens.


The positive move was welcomed by all in Cyprus and is seen as a template for other EU countries. It should be noted that there is no EU wide standard approach to UK citizens in the event of a NO-deal Brexit with each individual member state taking a different approach.


Leave the BREXIT debate with a property in Paphos and enjoy the Mediterranean dream safe in the knowledge that your rights are fully protected thanks to the Cyprus Government.

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