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Cyprus Property News

Who dares – wins

Date: 02/12/10

There are some good deals out there, and the best ones don’t stay for sale for long.

We have noted the disappointment in some of customers’ correspondence with us, when a property they have been following is sold. Good deals do not stay available for long! For those buyers who think that the property they are tracking will decrease in value or another, better property will become available, most of the time disappointment is in store, when they miss out on a particular property.

“When is a good time to buy?” – is a question on every buyers mind, but  prices for Cyprus property  have been stable now for over 18 months and for certain types of property in good areas  we have a waiting list of keen buyers. The implications for people waiting for further decreases are clear. With good property at good prices, there are buyers out there willing to snap up a resale bargain. Wait a minute longer and you will miss out.

The fundamentals of the resale market remain strong and, with a weakening Euro, properties are becoming more affordable to the ever important overseas buyers.  The Cypriot economy with its low taxation for corporations and individuals seems to have dodged most of the storms during the current financial crisis.

At “Cyprus Resales” we are constantly on the look out for fairly priced property to add to our database. If you are interest in selling, please, contact us through the online form 

If you are interested in buying,  remember – if a property appears to be good value to you, it’s almost certain that it will seems good value to someone else.

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