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Cyprus Property News

Update on new retail developments in Paphos

Date: 21/09/11

Having written back in January about many new exciting projects, that are currently progressing throughout the Paphos area, we bring you an update on these developments.

The King’s Avenue Mall is located only 100m from our office and it is with this that we start. It certainly seems that strong progress has been made with a mighty large hole in the ground appearing! Ground works seem to have gone smoothly with trucks taking the backfill for road making purposes for widening of the Paphos to Troudos road. Nothing more has been heard about opening dates, but you can guarantee that the busy Christmas 2012 shopping will figure heavily in mind on the developers.

Lidl supermarkets have opened! About 5 weeks sooner than had originally been expected it was clear that the people of Paphos could not wait. As for our family, we left it a few days and although not a shop we used in the UK, it was obvious that prices were a good deal lower and the quality high. The knock on effect of competition with the local supermarkets was apparent almost instantaneously – lower prices there too. 

The new entertainment center at the top of the town is also progressing very nicely, and it seems we will get another new supermarket (Alpha Omega). Although it seems unlikely, that it will be finished as scheduled, we will probably have to wait another 3 months or so before we don our 3D glasses and watch Hollywood’s finest.

With all this going on we now wait for the news on the proposed Paphos Marina. Although there are many rumors of a joint venture with two rival developers, we still have no decision.

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