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Time to go outside… into the sunshine!

Date: 26/07/16

Forget pill-popping to get your vitamin D. Let’s go outside into the Cyprus sunshine instead!

Depressing news for people located at 52nd parallel north and above. NHS England has issued a new recommendation according to which you should take a daily supplement containing 10mcg of vitamin D between October to the start of April to make up for the lack of sunshine strong enough to allow the body to make vitamin D naturally.

Lack of vitamin D is associated with a multitude of serious ailments and its role in maintaining a healthy body is only just being fully understood. What is known for certain is that vitamin D is needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. With places like Moscow and Aberdeen only getting just over 6 hours of daylight in winter with rare chances of getting a break in the rain or snow clouds puts many Northern folk in danger of not getting enough vitamin D.

If you’re against taking supplements you can stock up on foods rich in vitamin D like tuna, salmon or eggs. You will enjoy these lovely foods more on your sunny veranda in Cyprus where you can relish the shortest day that stretches to 9 ½ hours and where the sun shines for 340 days of the year.

Experts admit that the main source of vitamin D is from the effect of sunlight on our skin. So, leave your vitamin D supplements behind, hop on a plane and go out into the sunshine!

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