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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees!

Date: 25/05/11

There appears to be an abundance of Cyprus Properties for sale, but the reality is that very few of them are quality properties.

It’s not hard for potential buyers of property in Cyprus to feel that almost every second house is for sale. The multitude of developers’ billboards are offering what appears to be very attractive starting prices for property or high discounts up to 33% on ready or near ready property.

Of course, most of these discounts are designed to create the illusion of a bargain, but the truth of the matter is very different. First of all, majority of these properties are more than 40% overpriced to start with. More over, such properties usually come with an additional cost of VAT to be paid on top, making the headline figure much less palatable. 

In reality none of these offers can compete with a quality resale properties, which are always cheaper and usually come with title deeds (or land registry AX Numbers), white goods and are often fully furnished. At Cyprus Resales we are often asked to look at property that does not fulfill our strict criteria for listing. It’s a reality that we reject far more than we accept for a listing. Reasons for rejection are wide and varied, but the simple fact is that there are many overpriced mediocre properties in Cypurs for sale. We have a self imposed limit of 100 properties and we only look to list quality property.

So, as you search for your new home you can rest assured that all the properties listed on our website are there due to their merits. We continue to look for quality property (especially with title deeds) and if you want to sell, please fill out our online form here :

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