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Six reasons for buyers and sellers to use one of our approved lawyers.

Date: 14/01/20

The decision of who will represent you as a lawyer in your Paphos property transactions is full of potential pitfalls.

The decision of who will represent you as a lawyer in your Paphos property transactions is full of potential pitfalls. The choice of lawyer is often making the difference between a sale or no sale, thus we offer our expertise to safeguard your property transaction. Here are the main reasons why you can rely on one of our approved lawyers.

1. All our lawyers are registered by the Cyprus Bar Association. 

It may come as a surprise, but it’s not a legal requirement that you must use a qualified lawyer to represent you in a property transaction. This has allowed some “legal advisors” to masquerade as lawyers in the property conveyancing sector. Needless to say, that being Cyprus Bar Association member is no guarantee of integrity. However, these lawyers have registered offices and are held accountable for their actions by the Cyprus Bar Association.

2. They speak your language.

English speakers are of course widely catered for, but legal matters require not just broken English. If you’re trying to get your point across you need a lawyer who will understand your every word. If you’re a Russian or Chinese speaker and your English is not perfect, our recommended law firms will have an employee in the office who can talk to you in your native language.

3. They offer fair and transparent prices.

Although the cost of conveyancing is not be the only consideration point when choosing a lawyer, price should be transparent from the start. Our lawyers will offer you a fair price and match any quote for the equivalent service.

4. Fast. 

No one wants to wait for days, weeks or even months for their lawyer to get the work done. Excuses of “being engaged at the court” or “still waiting for a reply from another lawyer” are not good enough. A slow lawyer can exhaust a buyer and a seller resulting in the collapse of the transaction. By choosing one of our recommended firms you will be guaranteed to get a prompt response to any question you may have.

5. Deal makers, not breakers. 

Your property is most likely the biggest asset you have. The aim of our agency and lawyers is to sell your property and get the funds into your bank account as smoothly as possible. This will mean having a flexible and personalized approach to all aspects of the conveyancing. Unfortunately, some lawyers act like dinosaurs in the digital age and work using antiquated practices or deal with only one bank. We avoid lawyers who will throw your deal under the bus, because they can not adapt to the changes.

6. Independent.

It’s unfortunate that some law firms take too much notice in the estate agents process, often acting as estate agents themselves. Some lawyers face a conflict of interests due to relationship that is too close to other estate agents (family connections or financial interests in the company). This leads to data leaking hazards, where details of buyers and sellers find their way into the hands of others agents who attempt to undermine your sale or purchase. You won’t find your sale or purchase in jeopardy with our lawyers as they completely focus on their job only.

Let us know if you would like to hear from one of our trusted lawyers who will put your interests first.

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