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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Quality and Price Rule

Date: 03/05/12

Among what appears to be an avalanche of properties for sale it can be hard to see that the vast majority are not worth consideration.

In fact although we limit ourselves to 100 active properties we often have trouble filling all the “slots” with available property. For us to consider a listing it must first pass a battery of tests, amongst those if the safely of the purchase for the buyer does it have title deeds?  Or is the property subject to a developer’s loan? Many different factors can lead to a “thanks, but no thanks” response from the company directors when a vendor asks to advertise with our company.

Finding quality properties that are safe purchases and that are fairly priced is never easy. We are always on the lookout for such properties. With marketing that reaches well beyond local newspapers and magazines we like to think that we give the “FULL SERVICE” to all our vendors.   With the help of our Russian partners we bring a quality of advertising which goes head to head with the biggest developers, and brings our properties to the top of any buyers’ wish list. 

The Cyprus Resales brand name is synonymous with success and integrity, bringing quality, well priced property in Cyprus to the international audience that it deserves.

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