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Cyprus Property News

Pay upfront to sell my Property………You must be joking!

Date: 17/11/10

Paying upfront fees to sell a property is not uncommon in Cyprus, but in difficult times sellers should only pay once the property is sold.

In times of general economic troubles some people can become very susceptible to the “snake oil” pedaled by some so called “0% marketing” companies. “To pay upfront for a placement on a website that will probably never attract the right buyer is almost certain to be a waste of time and money,” writes Yana Osipova of Cyprus Resales 

When choosing how to market your resale property it can be tempting to go for what appears to be the cheapest option, but when that option is 0% commission on sales, then there will always be a “sting in the tail”. Although our grandmothers tell us - “there is never nothing for nothing - ” sometimes we can let our enthusiasm and desire to save money get the better of us. And actually we end up paying thousands of Euros in advance for the “promise” of a sale. As Yana puts it, “It’s fine to have your property advertised “until it’s sold”, but unfortunately it never sells! Worse still, you loose months and sometimes years of proper marketing while you wait patiently for the buyer, who never arrives.”

Another problem with this type of marketing is - because you pay more upfront for a more expensive property, the higher the valuation, the more you pay upfront. Sometimes you can see property priced at 50% or more above the true market value, making a sale impossible. But 0% commission marketing company will not care, as they have their money.  Sellers on the other hand, will have a long wait till reality dawns...

“At Cyprus Resales we have the international contacts to give your property the best chance,” says Yana.  “An extensive network of associates stretching from Moscow and St.Petersburg to Tehran ensure, that properties advertised with us are available to view to the widest possible audience. This coupled with advertising on the world’s biggest property portals, all add up to a pretty convincing case for marketing your property in Cyprus with Cyprus Resales.” 

Before paying an upfront marketing fee, consider a more thorough approach to marketing with Cyprus Resales, the #1 resale property marketing specialist in Paphos and Cyprus.
An application for listing can be made at the following web address on our sell Cyprus property page 

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