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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Only one estate agent at a time can work for you, why not have the best?

Date: 10/07/18

“Which estate agency to choose?” is a question that is asked by many owners before deciding to sell their properties.

Vendors are also confronted with another dilemma, “How many estate agencies to employ?” Depending on how sellers answer the questions “which” and “how many” can lead to either huge losses or gains.

Often, we are approached by sellers who are unfortunate enough not to have asked us to market their properties from the start. Usually, these properties are already listed with so many estate agencies that the owners have forgotten the agents’ names. Inevitably such properties stay passively “for sale” for years without any result. Understanding that something is wrong with their marketing strategy, these owners come to us desperate for a solution. The only answer is to disengage with other agents and go back to the start with a valuation from “Cyprus Resales”. We value, market and get the property “SOLD”. 

So, how can one agent be better than many? When you come to “Cyprus Resales” you need not look any further. We have almost every client interested in buying in Cyprus, so you don’t gain by “spreading your net”. If you do decide to go multi-agency you will quickly learn that only one estate agent at a time can work for you. As soon as one agent has shown your house to a buyer the other agents have no interest at all in further promoting your property. In fact, your property will be undermined by your other agents in favor of other homes this buyer has not seen. That’s right – “your agents” will work against you, given that their interest in your property has evaporated.

“Cyprus Resales” is an “exclusive” or “sole” estate agency (one of the few in Cyprus), so all our properties are marketed only with us and get 100% backing. Sellers understand that we bring a unique set of most technologically-advanced tools to the marketing of their properties. “Cyprus Resales” is the only estate agency they need, so why deal with more than one, after all, “SOLD” signs speak for themselves as we sell over 90% of properties listed.

If you have a property to sell with title deeds in the Paphos region and need a “reboot” of your marketing, tell us a little about your property here: Sell property in Paphos

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