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Cyprus Property News

Online VS in person viewings. Can virtual viewing be the most effective way to buy a property?

Date: 23/01/23

Given that many sales in Cyprus are made to foreign buyers who are based overseas it will come as no surprise that we get many visitors to our website from all over the world.

For many years we have been using advanced technology to produce extremely thorough listings, creating a detailed picture of every property on our website.  

This starts by being exclusive agents for our properties thus allowing us to fully commit necessary resources and expertise to every property. Being sole agent also allows us to place the exact location on the map with directions to all properties. But giving the exact location can only be part of the story.  Our multi award-winning website includes a full LIDAR scan of the whole property that allows you a virtual walkthrough and even makes measurements accurate to 1%. However, still photography remains the most important resource for buyers, so we provide professional photography representing the best aspects of each home. To finish off the listing we provide accurate floor plans combined with video walkthrough, which ensure that buyers fully understand every detail of the property. It’s a multimedia approach that we have been using for over a decade to give buyers the most informative representation possible in order to make a thoughtful, carefully considered decision. 

Over the past few years due to widespread travel restrictions the popularity of online viewings has dramatically increased, accelerating the growth of online sales. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our buyers on online virtual viewings we raise a question on what’s better - online or in person viewing.

During the “in person” viewings we have witnessed many times our buyers being tired, distracted by business or family matters, put off by weather or focusing on trivial issues while missing out on the bigger picture. At the same time our online buyers take their time and examine every detail prior to making a decision. They had a chance to appreciate the true merits of a property and often end up knowing it better than the current owners! In our professional view, studying the property in peace and quiet from the comfort of your home rather than being under pressure is one of the key contributing factors to making a well-balanced, educated choice.

Certainly preference of a viewing depends on the individual. But no matter what your choice will be, we guarantee to provide you with full details and the most comprehensive presentation of every property you may consider to buy to make the best decision possible.

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