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Cyprus Property News

New year, not New. Say ‘NO’ to newbuilds.

Date: 24/01/22

Start the new year as you mean to go on for the rest of the year. Reduce your impact on the environment by buying a resale property and not going new.

For many reasons we promote only resale property. In Cyprus the decision to buy a resale property over a brand new is more than obvious as the financial benefits are so great. But the environmental impact of a new-build property is also an important reason to take into consideration. The recycling of plastic bottles, glass and paper are quite literally a ‘drop in the ocean’ when compared to CO2 generated when building a new property. Consider that it takes around a quarter of a tonne of C02 to create a tonne of bricks which clearly demonstrates the immense negative impact on the environment... 

It is estimated that a complete renovation of an existing property will generate only 30% of the CO2 of a new-build, while offering massive savings to your budget. So doing what is right from a financial point of view is perfectly in step with what’s good for the environment.

Buy a resale property. Save the planet.

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