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New Kato Paphos Elevated Walkway.

Date: 19/12/17

A new structure that bridges the Apostolou Pavlou avenue (Mall to Harbour road) has been the subject of much intrigue as to its purpose...

Among the speculative theories put forward as to its’ uses the most daring were – an elevated urban railway and Paphos roller coaster! 

The real purpose is no less dramatic, yet very practical and will be a lasting legacy to Kato Paphos. This walkway will link together two sides of the UNESCO archaeological site that is currently dissected by a busy road. 

The project aims to revitalize the area along Apostolou Pavlou avenue and reconnect the Archaeological and Religious Monuments East and West of the main road that leads to old harbor. The project includes a master plan of development for the area north of the Fabrika hill, a pedestrians’ crossing over Apostolou Pavlou and a new central square for ‘Nea Paphos’ and the old fishing village. The scheme also includes permanent and temporary canopies and fences for the Archaeological work and findings as well as the redesign and repaving of Apostolou Pavlou and all side streets.

Due to open in early 2018 the elevated walkway is sure to become a tourist attraction in itself and will show just how far the regeneration of Paphos has come.

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