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Cyprus Property News

Important changes for buyers of cars in Cyprus.

Date: 11/03/20

When purchasing a car in Cyprus it is important to consider the latest changes in tax legislation.


Here we are offering you a comparison table of Cyprus Road Tax rates 2019 vs 2020, as well as details of zero-rated car import duty.


In an effort to improve the air quality last summer the government of Cyprus introduced new road tax rates for cars. The new rates punish dirty cars even further. These rates only apply to cars that are registered from June 2019 and are not retrospective, so your current car if on Cyprus plates will not be affected by the changes.

An additional charge will be made based on the Euro emission type of the engine as follows.

·        Petrol Euro 6 – No charge

·        Petrol Euro 5b – 50 Euro

·        Petrol Euro 5a – 100 Euro

·        Petrol Euro 4 – 300 Euro

·        Diesel Euro 6 – No change

·        Diesel Euro 5a – 250 Euro

·        Diesel Euro 4 and older – 600 Euro

In addition to the above changes car import duty for cars coming from within the EU was also abolished. If you plan to import a car from the UK you have to do it before the end of the BREXIT transitional period at the end of 2020. Import duties for passenger cars from outside EU are 10% of the cars value + Vat @ 19% on the passenger cars custom value (purchase price + transport costs + insurance + import duty)… Ouch!

The table of Old vs New Road Tax Rates can be downloaded here

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