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How to get from Larnaca airport to Paphos for only 11 euro

Date: 04/11/11

One of the most frequently asked questions from our buyers is whether there is an economical alternative to the expensive taxi service from Larcana airport to Paphos, which is normally priced at a hefty 125 euro a trip.

Today we’d like to explain in detail how you can comfortably travel from Larnaca airport to Paphos for only 11 euro. 

As a short digression we’d like to clarify the structure of public transport in Cyprus. Public facilities include: town or city buses (individual for every town), inter-city busses and airport shuttles. As an example let’s suggest that you need to travel from Larnaca airport to a popular resort destination of Coral Bay in Paphos area. 

So, our trip starts from the bus stop just outside the entrance of Larnaca airport with the use of Larnaca-Limassol shuttle. Price per person, including luggage is 8 euro. Throughout the day the airport shuttle operates rather frequently, almost every hour. Full up-to-date time schedule you can find on this page Any other information is available on the following telephone number: +(357)77 77 70 75.

The airport shuttle will deliver you to the main Limassol bus station «Ag.Georgios Havouzas church», where you should change the bus for the inter-city route. Usually the shuttle stops right next to Limassol-Paphos inter-city bus, so the change between buses and the transfer of your luggage is quite straightforward. Price of the inter-city route Limassol-Paphos is only 3 euro per person including your luggage. For information you can call “Intercity Buses” on +(357)7000 77 89 and to view the up-to-date time schedule of the buses, please visit The inter-city bus will take you from the main station past the old harbor of Limassol and then by the scenic motorway to beautiful Paphos. In Paphos the bus will make several stops by McDonald’s and by the main stadium before brining you to the main bus stop “Karavella”. 

At this point you have already saved 114 euro, spending on a trip to Paphos modest 11 euro. In our case, where the destination point is Coral Bay, you need to change the inter-city bus for a Paphos town bus. Again the transfer is done right at the same station, “Karavella”, and the price of one journey in Paphos area is a very comfortable 1 euro. Information office for Paphos buses can be reached on +357 26934410 and a detailed route map with time schedules can be found here
Nevertheless if you are in a hurry you can now use the taxi service which shouldn’t break the bank. Around town the price of a taxi will be around 7-10 euro.

We are hoping the above example will allow you to travel comfortably across Cyprus and specifically to the green Paphos. Should you have any comments on the described trip or alternative ways of using Cyprus public transport, please them on

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