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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Cyprus properties that get sold, stay SOLD!

Date: 05/07/12

We are always amazed by the number of people who inquire about properties that are marked as SOLD.

 It appears that some rival companies in an effort to give an illusion of activity mark their properties as “sold” or “under offer” in a blitz and fanfare of social media posts only for said property to rather quietly appear some weeks later back on the books as “available”.

At Cyprus Resales the chance of a “reserved property” to become available again is less than 1%. If the “reserved” status of a property is later changed for “sold”, this means only one thing – this property has been SOLD. This is because of our strict standards of quality and due diligence on every property. If the property is sold then yes, it really is! 

Although there is a certain amount of doom sayers about the Cypriote property market, there is still competition amongst the buyers for well priced, quality deeded property. Those sellers who are lucky enough to get a listing with us can look forward to many viewings from our international clients and can expect a quick sale.

Either by mistake or design Cyprus Resales has become the market leader in resale property sales in Paphos area. The 100 or so property owners who list with us are given an unparallel exposure that goes well beyond Facebook, local papers and cheap magazines. Our representative offices in Moscow and St.Petersburg guarantee a solid presence on Russian market with constant stream of cash buyers. While the award winning website with professional presentation and numerous hi-tech features delivers worldwide marketing of Cyprus properties.

If you have a realistically priced property with title deeds for sale and really do want to sell then please fill in the form on our sellers’ page here :

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