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Cyprus Property News

City rivalries between different towns in Cyprus extend well beyond Soccer.

Date: 13/01/11

Paphos and Limassol have a long tradition of friendly rivalry with Limassol holding a lead, but the tide is turning in favor of the West Coast resort town.

Paphos  Vs Limassol  is a match being played out in many Russian buyers mind, and although Limassol has always been considered “the town” for Russians and for sure has had an early lead in this race, it has become apparent that Paphos is rapidly becoming a serious alternative in the eyes of Russian buyers. Below we look at some of the reasons for the change and the implications for the Property market in Paphos.

Paphos is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation destination with Russian tourists. Anybody who pays attention to the language spoken in local Paphos supermarkets could not help, but notice the increase in Russian speech. Over the years we at Cyprus Resales have spoken to Russian tourists who “used” to go to Limassol, but now come to Paphos. The reasons given for the change are normally the clean air of Paphos in compared to the highly urban port city of Limassol.

For the buyer of Cyprus Property, the hills of Kamares or the beaches of Coral bay seem to be able to attract Russian buyer away from Limassol to the  picturesque Western region.  With regular flights to and from Paphos airport to Russian cities the appeal grows.  Prices in Paphos for good quality property are less than in Limassol, with more choice of top locations. For businessmen and woman with business interests in Limassol, it’s only a 35 Min drive to Limassol for the all important meeting, certainly, not a distance to put you off an area on the grounds of travel time.

A short drive through Paphos shows that it’s a town on the up and up, with big infrastructure projects like Neapolis , and he Coral Bay Marina scheduled to start soon. The town’s booming status is further enhanced by the development of several new retail projects, including the King’s Mall on Tomb Of The Kings  road and the large 7 screen cinema and entertainment center on the entrances of the town. When all this is added to the infrastructure already present, it becomes apparent we can expect more Russian tourists and property purchasers in future.

So in conclusion Paphos Vs Limassol like David vs Goliath is a surprisingly easy victory to the smaller town.

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