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Cyprus Property News

CYTA now offers improved fiber optic internet connections.

Date: 19/10/18

Semi-government organization CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) has begun the rollout of high-speed fiber optic to its customers.

Most areas in Cyprus, currently covered with the copper network (ADSL), are promised to receive an upgrade with speeds of over 200 Mbps.

Such an upgrade is a very big step for Cyprus as currently, only 4% of Cypriot users have speeds of 30 Mbps which places the island at the bottom of the European League table. And although competitors already offer very speeds in major metropolitan areas, CYTA improvements to the local loop are designed to upgrade entire Cyprus. In practical terms, new service is expected to reach out up to 200,000 homes islandwide.

Statistically fast fiber-optic broadband has a direct effect on the real GDP of countries where it’s rolled out. Thus, we are expecting a further enhancement of the already excellent growth figures enjoyed by Cyprus of nearly 4% and with inflation of well under 1%.

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