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Cyprus Property News

Best Estate Agent in Cyprus? Cyprus Resales!

Date: 12/04/13

During turbulent times you will find that strong companies step up to the plate by becoming a rock in a stormy sea.

As the meltdown in the Cypriot banking system got going we were able to give timely advice to our clients while giving guarantees to clients that their money will always be safe. We have been giving great advice to our clients with regards to lack of finance within the Cypriot Banking system for well over a year now. The straightforward approach allowed us to save prospective purchasers from lost deposits as banks had often tried to keep up a brave face by “going through the motions” on loan applications, promising the unattainable. At Cyprus Resales, advice on loans has been honest and kept buyers within their budget (something that can’t be said for other agents).

As we have sown the seeds of trust and reliability over the past years we continue to reap the rewards of our straightforward approach through numerous referrals from both happy buyers and sellers. The ultimate stamp of approval for any company is a referral from satisfied customers. When it’s in the field of real estate abroad it’s even more poignant giving the size and remoteness of the purchase.
The fact that we have completed several sales since 16th March is a strong indicator of the faith people have in the strength of our company and in Cyprus properties on the whole. 

So, with a nod and a wink to that famous Carlsberg advertisement we can proudly say, ‘Cyprus Resales… probably the best Cypriot estate agent in the world!’

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