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101 Cyprus Greatest Hits (from 80 to 60)

Date: 24/02/20

Cyprus has a great wealth of various attractions ranging from the obvious leisure and amusement facilities you can enjoy on your holiday to significant historical sites and places of amazing natural beauty. The history of the island is full of colorful events that produced a unique culture. In the series of articles “101 Cyprus Greatest Hits” we will guide you through the top facts, activities and

80. Paphos Forest

Extending over an area of 700 sq.kilometers and altitudes raging from sea level to 1.352 meters above, Paphos Forest covers the areas of Nicosia, Limassol and, of course, Paphos. Well-managed picnic and camping sites as well as nature trails give you endless options to explore Cyprus.


79. Cypriot Yogurt

The traditional Cypriot yogurt is creamy and sour. It has been strained making it much thicker than your average yogurt. It is lower in lactose and twice as high in protein than regular yogurt. Try it as a healthy starter or with your dessert!


78. Wind Turbines

Wind Farms were introduced in Cyprus in 2010. The national target was to produce 6.8% of the country’s electricity by 2020. The target has been reached.


77. Camping

In Cyprus, there are various camp sites. The popular beach-side Polis Chrysochous camping site is conveniently positioned in the Limni state forest among beautiful eucalyptus trees. The sandy beach is a few steps away from your tent, while the taverns or shops of Polis are also a short walk away. If you fancy staying in the mountains then Stavros tis Psokas camping site at 900 meter above the sea level is ideal for you. All sites are equipped with necessary facilities which are available for a small fee.


76. Solar Power

Thanks to its advantageous geographical position solar power in Cyprus is more available than in any other European country. The Cypriot target of solar power including both photovoltaics and concentrated solar power is a combined 7% of electricity by 2020, which will be one of the top ones in the EU. Most of the newly erected detached residential properties in Cyprus are now equipped with photovoltaic systems.


75. Solar Water Heating

Cyprus homes have embraced the Solar Water Heating systems ranking first in the world per capita (93.5%) in utilizing solar energy for heating up water for domestic use. In practical terms most of the domestic hot water in Cyprus is produced by the energy of the sun - environmentally friendly and no running costs.


74. Horse Riding

House riding schools are available in various locations throughout Cyprus. Whether you want to entertain your family with a group hack in the countryside whilst on holiday, wish to learn to ride or simply loan a pony or a top level sports horse - all choices are possible in Cyprus.


73. Home of the World’s Oldest Perfumes

In 2003 an ancient perfume factory was found in Pyrgos, Cyprus by Italian archaeologists. They discovered perfume dating back to the Bronze Age, making it 4000 years old. The oldest ever discovered! 12 perfumes have been recreated from traces left in the bottles.


72. Cruises

You can have a wonderful day out by taking a Mini Cruise to one of the picturesque locations within the island’s coast, such as the Akamas, The Blue Lagoon, Sea Caves, Lara Bay, St George Island. After you’ve finished exploring Cyprus you may choose to take a larger cruise to the Greek islands, Egypt, Israel (Holy Land), Lebanon Syria and Alexandria for 2 to 3 days.


71. Sunsets

In Cyprus, you are always guaranteed a beautiful sunset. Areas on the Southern Cyprus have the luxury of having a sea sunset, while the Northern coast will treat you with a stunning mountain silhouette as the sun disappears behind it.


70. Palm Trees

Palm trees have become part of Cyprus’ mediterranian identity. You may be surprised, but that they are in fact not native species to the country. There are many varieties of palms decorating streets, hotels, green areas and private gardens in Cyprus. The most popular ones are: The Washingtonia Palm and the Phoenix Dectylifera (Date Palm).


69. The Cypriot Mouflon

Cypriot Agrino (mouflon) is a rare wild sheep found only in Cyprus. Due to its uniqueness, its rarity and grace, it is considered an iconic symbol for Cyprus. Cypriot mouflon is a strictly protected species in Cyprus. Consider yourself very lucky if you manage to spot a mouflon!


68. Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Paphos, that dates back to the 4 th century BC. The tombs that are carved out of solid rock are thought to have been that of Paphian aristocrats and high officials. There are in fact no kings actually buried there.


67. Handmade Pottery and Ceramics

Cyprus is famous for its handmade pottery which has been perfected over generations. Cypriot pottery makers produce pottery for everyday use in your home and garden. You can buy unique hand-made pieces in numerous pottery shops throughout the island or explore a variety of techniques and create your own objects in a pottery making class.


66. The Larnaka Salt Lake

The Salt Lake is an enchanting attraction of Larnaca, where in winter months the mountains reflect in the waters of the lake. When visited in summer the lake is normally dried up, leaving a thick layer of salt, covering its floor. Ducks and flamingos migrating from the north during the winter make the lake their home.


65. Asprokremmos Dam

The impressive Asprokremmos Dam in Paphos with a total capacity of 52 million m3 is the second largest dam in Cyprus (after Kouris Dam in Limassol with 115 million m3 capacity). Since its construction in 1980, Aspokremmos Dam has only overflowed 4 times, but when it does, it becomes a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. The dam is also a popular spot for picnics and fishing. At the time of writing (February 2020) it’s 100% full.


64. Akamas Peninsula.

The Akamas is a National Park which has been kept in its natural environment of lush forests, rocky shores and gorges. The Akamas is home to over 500 endangered plants and many varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals. The Akamas is a wonderful place to experience the natural beauty of Cyprus.


63. Sea Caves

The area of Sea Caves of Paphos is truly a unique location with most picturesque coastline carved over thousands of years by erosion and weathering. Why not go on an adventure along the coastline walk, explore the caves on a boat or swim through the crystal-clear water from a local beach. The contrast between the stunning white caves and the blue Mediterranean Sea is simply breath-taking!


62. Cyprus Rally

The Cyprus rally is an annual rallying competition held near Limassol. Watching these nimble cars can be breathtaking as they make their way up the windy roads of the Troodos Mountains. Rally events have been held yearly since 1970.  Since the year 2000 Cyprus Rally began to star in the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) World Rally Championships (WRC) and Middle East Rally Championship (MERC).


61. Kings Avenue Mall

Kings Avenue Mall, located on the Tombs of the Kings avenue in Paphos, is home to 125 stores, including various restaurants, cafes, fashion retailers, beauty stores, electronic stores, a full-sized JUMBO store and even a cinema and a supermarket. The mall really does have it all under one roof.


60. Santa Marina Fish and Chips in Coral Bay

Santa Marina restaurant serves some of the best fish and chips on the island! This family-run restaurant is open all year round, unlike some others only operating during the tourist season. This is a reliable choice for your eating out any time of the year.

(We will continue the countdown in our next issue of “101 Cyprus Greatest Hits”.)

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