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Cyprus Property News

101 Cyprus Greatest Hits (from 19 to 1)

Date: 04/05/20

Cyprus has a great wealth of various attractions ranging from the obvious leisure and amusement facilities you can enjoy on your holiday to significant historical sites and places of amazing natural beauty. The history of the island is full of colorful events that produced a unique culture. In the series of articles “101 Cyprus Greatest Hits” we will guide you through the top facts, activities and

19. Low Crime Rate

Cyprus boasts a low crime rate making it a safe and family friendly cosmopolitan country. 

18. 5% Tax on Pensions Income

Further to beneficial Cyprus’s tax regime, foreign pensions can be paid in Cyprus as Cyprus has double taxation treaty with the UK. So, pension income can either be taxed based on the normal income tax scale rates or at a flat rate of 5% on the excess of the exempt € 3420.


17. Double Taxation

Cyprus is an attractive place to live when it comes to tax. On 01.01.2020 Cyprus had double taxation agreements with 64 countries.


16. No Inheritance Tax

Cyprus has no inheritance tax provided your domicile is on the island. Take the UK as an example, where 40% inheritance tax will be charged upon anything above the increased threshold of £ 425,000 when passing the property down to children.


15. Corporate Tax

Cyprus is one of the lowest taxed countries in Europe with a 12.5% corporate tax rate, provided that the corporation is a Cyprus tax resident. This therefore is an attractive relocation opportunity for many organisations and individuals.


14. Russian Radio Stations

Radio stations such 101.4 FM Capital Russian Radio and 90.5 FM Russian Wave Radio for Paphos makes sure the Russian speaking population is well catered for when it comes to broadcasting news and international music hits.


13. English Radio Stations

Whether you are driving the car, maintaining the garden or just relaxing by the poolside, be assured that there are English speaking radio stations that provide a good mix of music and news. Examples in Paphos are 98.5 FM Rock FM Radio and 90.8 FM Sunshine Radio.


12. Driving on the Left

For the British tourists or expats driving comes as a breeze. In Cyprus we drive on the left side of the road the same as in the UK. For British, driving in Cyprus is like driving at home, but with the sun as a bonus!


11. Car Insurance

Cyprus enjoys a very low crime rate and consequently a very low car theft rate. Thus you can expect to pay a low car insurance rate compared to other EU countries. For example, comprehensive insurance for 2 experienced drivers for a BMW 3 Series will only cost around 300 euro per year.


10. Lara Beach

Lara beach is located on the Akamas Peninsula in Paphos with goats, birds and turtles as its only habitants. With crystal clean water and rich golden sand, Lara beach is a deserted small horseshoe-shaped paradise that must be visited.


9. English is widely spoken in Cyprus

Of course, the main language spoken in Cyprus is Greek. However, as Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 - 1960, the second most spoken language is English. 90% of locals are fluent in English! Many expats and foreign residents easily get by without any knowledge of Greek. Within the tourist areas you will find that almost everyone speaks English, with Russian speakers also in abundance. Everyone wants to live in a country where people understand you.


8. Blue Flag Beaches

Cyprus is well known for having some of the cleanest beaches in Europe. An impressive 65 beaches in Cyprus have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status in 2019. The award was based on high performance in environmental education, management, water quality, safety and services. Coral Bay in Paphos, one of the 65 Blue Flag beaches, offers a variety of different water sports from Jet skiing, paragliding, pedal boats to diving. Everything to entertain the entire family!


7. Cyprus Potato

Due to Cyprus’ mild climate the famous Cyprus potato, known internationally as New Potato, is harvested year-round. However, there are four main crops. Winter crop is harvested in November - January, Intermediate crop - late February to early March, Spring crop is collected March-June period. Summer crop is produced in Troodos Mountains in very small amounts for local consumption.


6. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fertile Cyprus grows a wide range of fruit and vegetables in its rich soils - from citrus fruits, watermelons, bananas, grapes, salad crops to the famous Cypriot red soil potatoes. In Cyprus you are guaranteed fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round. From field to plate on the same day!


5. Cyprus Weather

Cyprus is always guaranteed to have stunning weather. Temperatures in Paphos typically range from a high of 34°C in summer to a low of 12°C in winter. After enjoying 9 months of Cypriot summer, winter will treat you with more clear days of gentle sun cheering you up. Always remember to bring your sunglasses!


4. Healthy Lifestyle

Cyprus is a great destination for numerous sports and active recreation. The fantastic weather offers a perfect outdoor environment for the people wishing to enjoy physical activities, including cycling, horse riding, tennis or sailing. Morning walks and evening swimming can easily become a way of life. Regardless of the choice of your outdoor activity one cannot put a price on the great health benefits of sunshine.


3. Paphos - Capital of Culture 2017

The small but attractive town of Paphos was chosen as The European Capital of Culture for 2017. This of course reinforces the strong historic significance of the island as this honour is to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures within Europe.


2. Good Country Index 2019

The good country index ranks countries based on their contribution to the well-being of humanity. Cyprus took the 22nd place in 2019 scoring reasonably high out of the 153 evaluated countries, taking 5th in “Planet and Climate” and 11th in “World Order”.


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